Monday, October 19, 2009

National Youth Festival "First" in Light vocal Indian!

I Got First Prize in the National Youth Festival 2008-2009 held at Vidyasagar University Calcutta. I was representing the south zone states of India and the university of Calicut. there were 8 participants for the competition..and my number was 5th..i sang a song in Malayalam language "Smrithiyil Vazhum ninavilurangum.."Composed by Mr.Arackal Nandakumar,Who is my Teacher at M.A. music college [john matthai center, school of Drama and Fine arts] Thrissur. the song is in subha panthuvarali raga base. The program was on January 20th, 2009. all the participants sang very well..i was lil bit nervous and doubted whether i could make it or not.but by God's Grace..i got the First! and this was my last chance to participate in a university level youth festival competitions also.


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  2. hii Amal, congratulation!you are now at the "Top" among Indian young singers!
    god's grace you are the number one singer national level woww can't believe it..
    I heard that song on fm radio once .. it is very difficult to sing and your voice is so so attractive so the judges should have enticed by your beautiful voice..have you uploaded it on internet..i want to listen that song once again..
    thank you

  3. AMAL my dear...... Congrats... How much i love music and Wish U all success in life my dear brother. Am a gr8 fan of your songs.

  4. Hi Amal,

    The maymasame song is amazing. Your voice is really sweet. Please could you upload the light song Smrithiyil Vazhum ninavilurangum? Thanks so much.

    Best wishes..